Composing for | Film, TV & Theatre


Cory composes original scores for film, television and theatre, as well as licensing his piano and instrumental music for film synchronization.

Cory’s film and theatrical music can be both “dark” and emotional, leveraging elements of rock, dance and alternative for drive and dynamics:

Cory’s orchestral and minimalist instrumental background translates to quiet, emotive styles:

Cory’s original piano music is often sync’d for film, or custom scored in a similar fashion:

When the project calls for it, Cory can compose and produce traditional “film-sounding” music as well…


Fire Breathing Monsters Short film for the National Hot Rod Association. Score by Cory Gabel.

A Close Shave Excerpt and end-credits from festival short. Score by Cory Gabel.

Lascaux Short film animation, comp score by Cory Gabel.

Bai Ri Meng Jennifer Tippin’s beautiful animated short.

White Elephants Cory composed the score for this dramatic, award-winning short film from director Chris Portal.

Discovery – Birth of a Racer Opening for Discovery Channel’s Birth of a Racer. Music by Cory Gabel.

Open video for the MPI conference in Las Vegas. Great video and graphics by V2 in Houston, music by Cory Gabel.

Wisdom Tree Television show Wisdom Tree. Opening theme by Cory Gabel.