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The Odyssey Premieres October 2

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.23.33 PMThe Premiere approaches!

“An epic tale of Homer’s “The Odyssey” gets condensed into a concoction of modern dance, with Sonia Plumb Dance Company performing Oct. 2-4 at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford. With scenic elements, costumes, lighting and a scene filmed underwater and projected, this is a journey that audiences will want to share. And although the themes of the poem remain true through the ages, it doesn’t hurt to have a score that is in the rock opera ilk to round out the experience.” (The Hartford Courant)

October 2 & 3 at 7:30 pm
October 4 at 3:00
University of Saint Joseph
West Hartford, CT

October 8 at 7:30
The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Center
Old Saybrook, CT

More info and tickets.

The Moon Premiere is Near

The MoonThere’s a bad moon rising this weekend…

Well, I haven’t gone cycling in three weeks, I talk to myself an awful lot, and I can’t quite remember where I left my cat… this can only mean one thing: I’ve been in recording studio lockdown. But I exit victorious! (Think Tim Robbins in Shawshank, arms outstretched to the sky…)

This piece has been a great deal of fun to work on and really had me stretching my orchestral chops – quite the contrast from working on solo piano music the first half of the year. Instead of one instrument, there’s well over a hundred, as well as a super-cool voice narration from Michael McDermott. He will now be my go-to guy for any fairytale voice over work I ever need again (and of course, I will need that again! Kind of my deal).

If you’re local, we hope to see you at the show. Sonia Plumb has outdone herself again, it’s going to be a great production. If you can’t make it, think good full-moon thoughts this weekend – and enjoy the music. We’ll post video of the dance in the coming weeks.

Cheers- Cory

The Moon – The Original Brothers Grimm Fairytale

The Moon, by the Brothers Grimm

In days gone by there was a land where the nights were always dark, and the sky spread over it like a black cloth, for there the moon never rose, and no star shone in the obscurity. At the creation of the world, the light at night had been sufficient. Three young fellows once went out of this country on a travelling expedition, and arrived in another kingdom, where, in the evening when the sun had disappeared behind the mountains, a shining globe was placed on an oak — tree, which shed a soft light far and wide. By means of this, everything could very well be seen and distinguished, even though it was not so brilliant as the sun. The travelers stopped and asked a countryman who was driving past with his cart, what kind of a light that was. “That is the moon,” answered he; our mayor bought it for three thalers, and fastened it to the oak-tree. He has to pour oil into it daily, and to keep it clean, so that it may always burn clearly. He receives a thaler a week from us for doing it.”

When the countryman had driven away, one of them said, “We could make some use of this lamp, we have an oak-tree at home, which is just as big as this, and we could hang it on that. What a pleasure it would be not to have to feel about at night in the darkness!” “I’ll tell you what we’ll do,” said the second; “we will fetch a cart and horses and carry away the moon. The people here may buy themselves another.” “I’m a good climber,” said the third, “I will bring it down.” The fourth brought a cart and horses, and the third climbed the tree, bored a hole in the moon, passed a rope through it, and let it down. When the shining ball lay in the cart, they covered it over with a cloth, that no one might observe the theft. They conveyed it safely into their own country, and placed it on a high oak. Old and young rejoiced, when the new lamp let its light shine over the whole land, and bed-rooms and sitting-rooms were filled with it. The dwarfs came forth from their caves in the rocks, and the tiny elves in their little red coats danced in rings on the meadows.

The four took care that the moon was provided with oil, cleaned the wick, and received their weekly thaler, but they became old men, and when one of them grew ill, and saw that he was about to die, he appointed that one quarter of the moon, should, as his property, be laid in the grave with him. When he died, the mayor climbed up the tree, and cut off a quarter with the hedge-shears, and this was placed in his coffin. The light of the moon decreased, but still not visibly. When the second died, the second quarter was buried with him, and the light diminished. It grew weaker still after the death of the third, who likewise took his part of it away with him; and when the fourth was borne to his grave, the old state of darkness recommenced, and whenever the people went out at night without their lanterns they knocked their heads together.

When, however, the pieces of the moon had united themselves together again in the world below, where darkness had always prevailed, it came to pass that the dead became restless and awoke from their sleep. They were astonished when they were able to see again; the moonlight was quite sufficient for them, for their eyes had become so weak that they could not have borne the brilliance of the sun. They rose up and were merry, and fell into their former ways of living. Some of them went to the play and to dance, others hastened to the public-houses, where they asked for wine, got drunk, brawled, quarreled, and at last took up cudgels, and belabored each other. The noise became greater and greater, and at last reached even to heaven.
Saint Peter who guards the gate of heaven thought the lower world had broken out in revolt and gathered together the heavenly troops, which are to drive back the Evil One when he and his associates storm the abode of the blessed. As these, however, did not come, he got on his horse and rode through the gate of heaven, down into the world below. There he reduced the dead to subjection, bade them lie down in their graves again, took the moon away with him, and hung it up in heaven.

Shadows & Light – The Moon: New Dance Music and Performance

The MoonCory is excited to again be working with choreographer Sonia Plumb on her latest production, Shadows and Light – The Moon. Performances are scheduled for Sept. 20-22 in West Hartford, CT.

Sonia Plumb Dance Company’s latest production features three dance premieres that explore the touch points of light, darkness and the shadows in between. “The Moon,” based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm, blends together Plumb’s choreography, Cory’s original music, and shadow puppets by David Regan. Inspired by 19th century dance pioneer Loie Fuller, “Sun Spinning” combines fabric and lights to create mesmerizing moments in motion. “Fractured Light” explores the dark recesses of the mind, truth and vulnerability.

Friday, September 20th & Saturday, September 21st at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, September 22nd at 3:00 p.m.

Tickets: $20 General Public | $10 Senior | $5 Student (prices will increase by $5 after September 16)

Buy Tickets Here

Read the fairytale “The Moon” here.

Hear and download the music!

“Paso” Pre-Sale Begins on iTunes

The official release date of Paso will be Tuesday, June 18, but iTunes users can get an early copy, and a sneak peek.

Visit iTunes on the web or use the application and search the store for “Cory Gabel”. Paso is available for pre-sale, meaning you instantly get the first single “26 Butterflies” – and then the rest of the record will automatically download to your iTunes on Friday, June 14.

Why pre-buy? Because it bundles all the buys, giving Paso a much better shot at hitting the “Best Selling” list the day of its release.


“Paso” CD Release Party / Wine Tasting Event

paso-cover-420Saturday, June 15 at 7 p.m.
The Mark Twain House
Hartford, CT

Recording Artist CORY GABEL
CD release party for “PASO”

Award-winning pianist, composer and arranger Cory Gabel recently packed his keyboard and traveled to California’s Paso Robles wine country to find a little “vinspiration.” Surrounded by sprawling vineyards and breathtaking vistas, Cory sampled the region’s wines and created a beautiful new album of solo piano music. Join The Mark Twain House & Museum for a sunset concert in our beautiful café. Taste wines from the region, enjoy delicious foods and drink in a live performance of songs from Cory Gabel’s new CD, PASO.

Tickets – $45 (evening is 21 and up) includes California wines and heavy hors d’oeuvres
Reservations – (860) 280-3130

LIMIT – 50 guests
The Mark Twain House & Museum
351 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
Phone: (860) 247-0998

We Could Only Start Here

midnightDay 1 of Vinspiration is finally here. The plan (that was planned, and planned, and planned) is in place, the gear assembled, the trip made – and we arrive later this morning at Midnight Cellars. I could not see starting this tour of Paso wineries anywhere other than Midnight.

When Donna and I lived in Southern California in the 90’s and early ’00’s, Paso became a passion for us. We’d visit 3-4 times a year, touring wineries, eating at great restaurants, enjoying the neighboring towns of Cambria and Harmony. Around 1995, the Hartenberger family moved from Chicago, and on a whim, bought a vineyard. We happened to visit the vineyard on one of their first open weekends, and hit if off with owners Rich and Michelle.

Within the next year, we were routinely “volunteering” to work their tasting room for festivals and wine dinner events – we became a part of the Midnight family. We stayed at the vineyard estate, attended family reunions, even helped (a little bit) with harvest and crush one year. And, whoa, did we enjoy some fantastic wine, and laughs, along the way.

We won’t be working the tasting room today. Instead, we will be reconnecting with dear friends, and breathing in the atmosphere of  the one vineyard that feels like home.

That’s inspiring.

Spread the Music!

Vinspiration Press Release

Solo Piano Recording Artist Plans “Vinspiration” Tour of Paso Robles Wine Country

PASO ROBLES, California (February 28, 2013) – Award-winning composer and solo piano artist Cory Gabel will bring his Vinspiration tour to Paso Robles Wine Country during the annual Zinfandel Festival, March 14-18, 2013. He will travel with keyboard in tow, writing and performing new material for his upcoming CD as he visits select wineries and vineyards.

Paso’s unique geography, warm people, and artisan culture have been an inspiration to Cory throughout his career, and are an ideal muse for his unique style of melodic piano music. He will draw heavily upon his surroundings to compose all new music during the tour. Vinspiration will also be an exciting attraction for winery visitors, as Cory will meet with fans and guests. Much like looking over the shoulder of a painter working a canvas, visitors will be encouraged  to engage with Cory’s creative musical process.

The Vinspiration schedule includes Midnight Cellars (Thursday, March 14), Eberle Winery (Friday, March 15), Vina Robles (Saturday, March 16), La Bellasera Hotel (Saturday, March 16) and Robert Hall Winery, Sunday, March 17.

Cory currently lives in Connecticut, but travels to California often, where his music career began. In addition to his solo piano work, Cory is also a composer and producer of music for film, television and contemporary dance and ballet. Atticus Music Group intends to release the Vinspiration record soon after the tour, with the album artwork and liner notes featuring photographs from Paso Robles, a diary of the writing process, and more.

Cory’s other music releases are available through all major digital distribution channels. Samples and free downloads can be found at or

Celine Broussard, Media Relations
Atticus Music Group

Water Wars at CCSU


Sonia Plumb Dance Company will perform Water Wars as part of the Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium, April 4, 2013. The event is free and open to the public!

Details here.