26 Butterflies

The first single from “Paso”, Cory’s tribute to the victims of the Newtown/Sandy Hook shooting.

From Cory-

It’s strange, difficult, and not-a-little uncomfortable to talk and write about the idea of a “tribute” when it comes to the horrific events of Newtown. Like anyone with a soul, I was profoundly moved and devastated by the events of December 14, 2012. Having sent my own 1st grade daughter to school, in Connecticut, that same day… I don’t think necessarily means it impacted me more than others, although it’s easy to pretend it did. Something that horrible affects everyone, regardless of your experience or point of view.

Following that day, I did want to express something, anything, through music. Random thoughts and ideas only coalesced into a more tangible piece after I read about Dylan Hockley, one of the victims. His story, and specifically, his mother Nicole’s eulogy – impacted my strongly. It’s where the notion of butterflies comes from.

I won’t go beyond that, rather, you should read or hear her words for yourself. (Link to “Parent’s Reflections”)


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