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New Songs, New EP, New Shows…

From Cory…

In the spring of 2013, I toured several vineyards in and around Paso Robles, California. I traveled with keyboard in tow, and spent the days in the wineries writing new material. Not a bad way to spend a vacation.

I really had no idea if the plan would work. Each day, I’d set up my keyboard outside on the beautiful tasting verandas & grounds… and amongst all the visitors at the winery. Would I be inspired to write? Would I be self-conscious about letting everyone into my creative process? (A process that usually includes a great deal of noodling, repetition, “wrong” notes…)

As far as inspiration goes, it was an amazing success. I came home with nearly two dozen songs (in greatly varying degrees of completion). And aside from a few people requesting Billy Joel covers, it was a lot of fun to interact with the wine-drinking masses.

And that’s how Paso went from idea to finished album in about 2 months. (Something else I’ve always wanted to do!)

I get asked often if I’ll do something like this again.

OF COURSE I WILL! I’m just not sure when. There are a few other piano ideas I’ve got cooking, and some live performances or a mini-tour to pull together for the spring.

Tuscany anyone?

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