The Moon Premiere is Near

The MoonThere’s a bad moon rising this weekend…

Well, I haven’t gone cycling in three weeks, I talk to myself an awful lot, and I can’t quite remember where I left my cat… this can only mean one thing: I’ve been in recording studio lockdown. But I exit victorious! (Think Tim Robbins in Shawshank, arms outstretched to the sky…)

This piece has been a great deal of fun to work on and really had me stretching my orchestral chops – quite the contrast from working on solo piano music the first half of the year. Instead of one instrument, there’s well over a hundred, as well as a super-cool voice narration from Michael McDermott. He will now be my go-to guy for any fairytale voice over work I ever need again (and of course, I will need that again! Kind of my deal).

If you’re local, we hope to see you at the show. Sonia Plumb has outdone herself again, it’s going to be a great production. If you can’t make it, think good full-moon thoughts this weekend – and enjoy the music. We’ll post video of the dance in the coming weeks.

Cheers- Cory

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