Casket Girls Inspiration Playlist

As we start ramping up story, production and music for this project, I like to immerse and surround myself with a variety of music. A Spotify playlist is my weapon of choice, you can check it out or link to it below.

I’m often asked what purpose this serves? My “process” is something that’s always evolving and changing, but building a reference library of music that has emotional ressonance with the project is a must. Sometimes I’m hearing instrumentation or rhythmic ideas that jump out, or leaning back on music that’s inspired me in the past.

In this case, it’s both odd and interesting that it makes sense to include my own music from Casket 1. Although I’m hearing some different directions and vibes for Act 2, I’m also aiming for a cohesiveness to the whole show. So – some melodic themes may have a reprise, or not… we shall see.

If you think there’s anything I should be listening to… comment away!

Open Playlist in Spotify