Cory launches his latest project:
Rebel Songs

Acoustic/vocal covers of the songs and artists that have inspired Cory his entire career. U2, Pear Jam, Sinead O'Connor, The Cure... and many, many more.

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About Cory

About Cory

Composer | Writer | Producer

Cory Gabel is an American composer, producer and performer based in Connecticut, near New York City.

His professional music career began in Los Angeles, where he was the lead vocalist and song writer for the alternative rock band Limestone Rome from 1994-2000. Cory was at the forefront of that era’s emerging DIY digital recording and producing, and released the band’s debut record Charge the Head on his own label.

Solo, instrumental piano records followed in the early 2000’s, and by 2008 he was composing and producing original scores for modern dance, film and theater.

His classical and modern rock influences continue to converge in his original scores and projects, varying from minimalist instrumentals to aggressive alt-rock and EDM compositions.

2018 saw the premiere of the ambitious rock dance theatre production The Casket Girls. Cory is currently working with playwright Jacques Lamarre on a "horror-play", and developing other original projects for both theatre and dance.




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