The Casket Girls

They’re back! Cory reunites with Gregory Hancock Dance Theater to expand the original gothic/vampire ballet to a full-length production.

In 2008, Cory and Gregory bought the legend of the Casket Girls to stage in Indianapolis for a one act modern ballet production. This fall, they’ll add an ambitious new second act, extending the story and music into a full-evening performance.

Cory personal note: I could NOT be more excited about this project and working with Gregory again. The original Casket Girls still is one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve worked on and music I’ve written in my career. Dark, rhythmic, eerie and romantic… and with fantastic dancers and choreography… fun, fun, stuff.

Hear the Original Soundtrack

The Casket Girls Story

Inspired by local New Orleans legend, Cory and Gregory built the tale of the Casket Girls – vampires, convents, voodoo and immortal love. Read more.

Follow the Creative Process

Updates, videos, songs-in-progress and more. See the production come to life.